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The LOCCA Story

It all began with an inspiration, to have a local chain cafe that echoes premium quality for favourite local flavours. With a dash of western cuisine on the menu, coffee choices and the vision of friendly faces with warm greetings, LOCCA Cafe was born.

LOCCA Food Feature

For the love of food and ambience, LOCCA is poised to become the no.1 local chain restaurant known to every household in Malaysia.

From the north to the south, to every nook and corner, LOCCA will present and serve great tasting food suitable for the local palate and everything in between, in a timely manner while keeping in mind our customers needs and desires.

Cuppa Coffee at LOCCA

Coffee served at LOCCA is specially brought to you by coffee specialist. With an array of coffee to choose from, coffee lovers will certainly find a reason to hang out at LOCCA. Be it over a casual business opportunity or a friendly catch-up, the beverage is always fitting for any occasion.




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